Being Illegal And Getting Stopped For Driving Without A License – What Will Happen To Me?

Driving Without a License

While several states in the U.S. give illegal immigrants the means to obtain driving licenses, not all do. As of now, Pennsylvania does not. if you are an illegal immigrant who found driving without a license the traffic authorities can pull you and take legal actions.

The Legalities

One Reason of driving without a license is not enough for them to be deport you. It can begin a chain of events that lead to deportation proceedings. This typically happens when Immigration Services enters the picture after your arrest. Your arrest can also serve as a reason for an immigration lawyer to deny your bond application.

What Can You Do?

If you are arrested for driving without a license as an illegal immigrant in Pennsylvania. It is important that you seek legal advice from an immigration specialist at the earliest. One legal option is to get the misdemeanor reduced to an infraction, and another is to get the case dismissed. However, both require complete understanding of the driving lessons and law surrounding traffic court violations and immigration.

Parking Violation

A Change Might Be Coming

Undocumented immigrants who live in Pennsylvania have been ineligible to apply for a driver’s license since 2002. However, a bill introduced earlier this year might bring about a much needed change. According to the proposed House Bill 279, an undocumented immigrant will be able to apply for a driver’s license by providing his/her taxation identification number (TIN) instead of the now mandatory Social Security Number (SSN).

In addition to the TIN, applicants will need to provide documents to verify their names and dates of birth. These can come in the form of a passport, a birth certificate, or any other government-issued document. Applicants will also need to pay applicable fees and pass the written and road tests Information.


Given that having a driver’s license is near-essential in getting by one’s everyday life, Pennsylvania will be better off by joining the list of states in the U.S. that grant driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. Until it happens, if someone stops you for driving without a license in this state, make sure you contact a legal expert who specializes in immigration or Call: 215-587-9787 as quickly as possible.