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Overhead Reduction Tips for Every Dental Practice

If you tell a dental associate accountant in Kansas City to prepare a profit and loss account for your dental practice, you’ll be amazed at how much your business is losing to overhead. It’d surprise you to know that it might be taking as much as 75% of your enterprise’s gross income.

Finding a way to reduce overhead is one of the most significant steps towards increasing your practice’s profitability. So, how do you go about it? This article will be examining some tips below to that effect.

1.  Maintain a List of Reputable Vendors

One of the elements that constitute a dental practice’s overhead is purchasing supplies and repair services; ask a dental associate accountant in Kansas City. Besides the expensive equipment you need to provide quality services, your office also requires supplies. Printers need tonnes, and your secretary needs pens, papers, and other stationery. As if those aren’t enough, there’ll always be a need for one repair work or the other; all these require lots of money.

Keeping a list of reputable vendors will always come in handy when you need supplies or require repair works done. It’ll help save costs by ensuring you don’t overpay. If you make a habit of calling on new vendors as issues arise, you’re likely to pay more than necessary as it would mostly come as an emergency. You wouldn’t be able to adequately bargain, a situation that will significantly affect your account in the long run.

Dental Associate Accountant Kansas City

2.  Purchase Quality Items Always

While the practice of procuring quality items might sound expensive and capital-intensive at the initial stage, it has long-term benefits. Purchasing authentic items or equipment for your business ensures that you don’t spend much money on maintenance and replacements. A quality product is durable and is capable of saving you a significant amount on regular repairs. It’s also a cost-cutting measure that many business owners are yet to understand.

Besides helping you cut costs in the long run, investing in only quality products also boosts your brand. Patients will have more confidence in your services.

3.  Incur Only Necessary Expenses

If you’ve got a dental associate accountant in Kansas City, this is the first thing they would probably tell you. It’s an age-long financial management strategy that continues to prove useful in today’s business world. The concept of “if it’s not necessary, don’t buy it” is not a myth. If you were to compile a list of expenses that make up your overhead, you’d realize that not all of them are essential to your practice’s day-to-day activities. It’d do your enterprise a whole lot of good if you were to erase such expenses from your list.


Every business enterprise aims to maximize profit; however, you can’t achieve that if you’re spending more than you’re making. Everything has to be in a balanced proportion to ensure you break even. Cutting down on overhead is a necessary measure for every business that wants to grow; the three tips examined above will go a long way in helping you achieve that.