What Does Electrical Stimulation Do To Muscles?

This Article goes into more depth about EMS machines and the Neuromuscular Stimulation methods.

The basic principle behind the use of EMS Training is to fight the atrophy of muscles and to increase blood flow to the area. It is also used in various treatments of muscle pain.

EMS uses electrical signals to trigger muscle movement. Your brain sends signals to your muscles which cause it to contract and relax. The EMS machine does the same thing. It sends and external electrical impulse which your brain has no control over and causes involuntary muscle contractions. There are even some nerves which you cannot voluntary control to stimulate certain muscles. EMS can send signals to these nerves which normally have little activity. There have been studies that showed EMS had positive results when treating injuries.

Is it painful? The answer depends on your sensitivity to the treatment. Some people have no problems with the stimulation while others have claimed the process to be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. It also depends largely on the intensity of the electrical signal.

Athletes today are using EMS Training to enhance their workout. They have been using these methods for over 20 years to improve muscle tone and endurance. Fitness companies have been making personal simulators for years. They advertise that it will tone your abs, lose weight, make you look better, etc. These devices should only be used in conjunction with a normal workout and should not be the only source of muscle exercise.

EMS Training can be used for various health benefits. In today’s world of pain control and rehabilitation, it is easy to get lost in finding out about the different types of treatments and products that are available and what will fit your situation.

In the field of pain control, doctors and pain management professionals use three main methods of Electrotherapy. Interferential Therapy, Micro current Therapy, and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), are the three main methods.

EMS Training is widely used for muscle rehabilitation. People with injuries to their muscles sometimes lose muscle strength due to stiffness and fluid build-up in the injured area. Electrotherapy can treat the problem using various techniques.

One way to treat injured muscles is through Neuromuscular Stimulation, NMS for short. This method uses electrical pulses to stimulate the nerves which cause muscular contractions. A doctor or therapist will often use an EMS machine to perform this kind of treatment. This helps build up strength and has been effective in various uses such as treating post-surgery patients, muscle tears and strains, and rehabilitation of athletes.

Another method is called High or Low Voltage Direct Current Therapy. This method aims to reduce swelling of the muscle from fluid buildup in the injured area. The method works by using positive and negative electrodes. Placing a positive electrode on the injured muscle helps reduce swelling because the fluid is mostly made of negative ions. The negative electrode will help disperse the fluid and increase blood flow to the area for faster healing.

EMS devices are available to anyone with a prescription. The devices can be as cheap as $65 to the hundreds of dollars. The devices range in function, number of electrodes, and features. Many of the expensive models have pre-programmed timed treatments to choose from while the cheaper ones only have one or a few modes of operation. You may want to consult your doctor and test out some units your doctor may have.