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A Guide To Legal Translation In Abu Dhabi

After Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the second most populated city in UAE. Abu Dhabi, with a huge reserve of American dollars and a central trade point for all traders around the world, welcomes and inhabits businessmen and employees from all over the world.

As the official language of Abu Dhabi is Arabic, and the immense interactions between the Arabs and foreigners for business and trade make the need for legal translation in Abu Dhabi essential.

Here, we will focus on the need, uses and credentials needed to know so you can get your legal translation in Abu Dhabi as smoothly as possible.

What Are The Services Of Legal Translation In Abu Dhabi?

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Abu Dhabi, with its wide growing population and being a portal for the trading world, is not a new name in the world of trade. Countless foreigners from tourists, to students to trades persons, are all welcomed in Abu Dhabi. This clearly highlights how the need for legal translation in Abu Dhabi is needed at almost every step. Whether it’s your driver’s license or it’s your visa documentation, you will need to get it translated to Arabic to function here.

Often legal circumstances are very sensitive and all of us want to employ the best person to deal with our sensitive matters. Your legal translator should understand these sensitives, nonlegal only the language and the culture. A translator who is both professional, well aware and knows about the functioning legalities of Abu Dhabi is your man for the job.

When we talk about legal translation, we talk about all kinds of legal documents. Basically, any document that has legal standing would need translation. Your degree, passports, birth certificates, business deals and so forth – all these require proper translation and the choice of selecting the translator is left on you.

Let us discuss the types of legal translations you need to be aware of while coming to Abu Dhabi.

Business Legal Translation:

The words trade and Abu-Dhabi are almost synonymous; this means that Abu Dhabi attracts businessmen from all over the world. Since all of them are not familiar with Arabic, they would need to get all of their business deals translated to Arabic when dealing in Abu-Dhabi.

Whether you need a bank loan or you want to sell or buy a property, you will have to get its legal translation in Abu Dhabi.  Business deals are often tricky and require a lot of authentication. That is why someone who is well informed of all the laws and legalities along with a strong hold on both languages will be your choice.

So keep in mind, before planning a business venture here in Abu Dhabi, you will need to get your documents and deals translated to Arabic. The following is a list of business documents that need legal translation:

  • Business deals
  • Contracts
  • Bank statements
  • Property papers
  • Bonds or conditions
  • Receipts
  • Bank loans
  • Court proceedings
  • Any criminal records
  • Business history documents
  • Property ownership documents

Medical Legal Translation:

medical certificates for your visa processing

Human beings are prone to accidents. Diseases and mishaps. Even in order to visit Abu Dhabi, you will have to submit many medical certificates for your visa processing. If you are looking for employment here in UAE or you want to come study here, the need for medical documents still exists.

Since Arabic is the mother tongue of the UAE, you will need to get all your medical documents translated. So the legal translation in Abu Dhabi for medical documents is a necessity as well.
During the stay, if you feel the need to visit the hospital, it would be best if you submit a translated copy of your previous medical background and history as the doctors here are mostly local and this will help them understand your physiology and treat you much better.

From your birth certificate to your vaccination charts, you will need to get everything translated.
Having your medical documents translated will help you a great deal, as you will have them ready whenever needed in any case of emergency or need. Especially during times of pandemic, many hotels require medical certification of corona tests and vaccination too which also requires translation.

It is best if you select your translator who is from a medical background or at least has sound knowledge of the medical system here in Abu Dhabi specifically as he will make sure the originality of your documents remains and would guide you further on what other medical documents you might need to get translated in advance.

Following are some medical documents that require legal translation in Abu Dhabi:

  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Vaccination charts
  • Medical conditions
  • Pharmaceutical chits
  • Health certificate
  • Any disability document
  • Medical tests

Legal Translation In The Education Department:

Many students come for higher studies to Abu Dhabi annually. Even the foreign families who live here in Abu-Dhabi have children enrolled in UAE-based educational systems. If you are applying for undergraduate or master’s you will need to get your high school and college transcripts translated. If you are interested in Master’s or a doctorate program, you will have to get your undergraduate degree translated.

All kinds of certificates, letters of recommendation, any internship or volunteer experience would require legal translation in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has world-renowned educational systems and produces a talented lot of engineers, doctors, MBAs and master graduates annually. Your translator should be aware of the educational system here in UAE fully.

Following are some educational documents that need a legal translation in Abu-Dhabi:

  • Transcripts
  • Certificates
  • Previous degrees
  • LORS
  • Volunteer experience


In short, Abu-Dhabi is becoming a hub for traders and students from all over the world. With such an increase in interaction among foreigners and Arabs, the requirement for legal translation in Abu Dhabi cannot be ignored.

For the expansion and strengthening of this global bond, the legal translation services play a huge role than all of us can truly imagine. This article will highlight the importance and need for legal translation in Abu translation service in abu Dhabi